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Cole hit with FA charge

The West Ham striker, who was not involved in the match at Wembley on 29th March, posted remarks referring to the large number of Ghana fans present at the stadium.

He later deleted the comments and claimed they were a joke, but has now been hit with an FA charge after the matter was looked into.

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GJ234140d ago

Very disrespectful to the ghana supporters

Yi-Long4140d ago

... I was an attempt at humor, perhaps a failed attempt, but I doubt he meant it in a racist oroffensive way, and it seems tabloids decided to run with it and blow it into a scandal...

There is lots of stuff going on in the world these days to get seriously upset about. TBH, this really isn't one of those.

GJ234140d ago

I know but after the FA bans rooney for 2 games they need to show some consistency. Both Rooneys comments and Cole's could be considered offensive. Difference is Rooney did it in heat of the moment. Cole had time to think about what he said and still said it

Yi-Long4139d ago

... and I don't want the FA to be consistent when it comes to dumb decisions... ;)