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Cristiano Ronaldo and Other AC Milan Transfer Rumors: Buy or Sell

Its almost summer time and football leagues are starting to enter the back end of their fixture lists. You know what that means:

Besides the fact that champions will be crowned, Champions League places will be won, and promotion and relegation battles will come to an end, we are also coming upon another addition of the always exciting soap opera known as the summer transfer window!

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nieuwland144140d ago

I think Ronaldo would go, he changes club almost every 2 years :)

zootang4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

What are you talking about? He stayed at United for 6 years and before that he was in Sporting Lisbon academy from being a young boy. Talk about clueless. Ronaldo will come back to United with Mourinho, they both love the club.

GJ234139d ago

Im pretty sure Ronaldo has said in an interview that he would love to come back. Him and Nani together would destroy everyone

kulka4139d ago

Why would he go to Milan he's way to good for them plus he always said it was his dream to play for Real why would he leave

ultramoot4139d ago

He'd be a fool to jump ship and go to Milan. It'll be like a huge downgrade to his career.

GJ234139d ago

It's either Spain or England. Other leagues are not good enough

Sahil4139d ago

Don't see him changing club for 2 years or so, he's yet to win a league title with Madrid. Maybe after winning 2-3 league titles with real madrid, he can think of going somewhere else but not now.