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Manchester City to Make Hopeful Swap Offer for £35m Rated Real Madrid Superstar Kaka

Manchester City are plotting an audacious part exchange deal to land Real Madrid playmaker Kaka. Roberto Mancini has previously made his interest in the superstar known and the Italian hopes to make use of Emmanuel Adebayor, currently on loan at the Bernabeu, to help secure the signing of the 28 year old Brazilian.

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nieuwland144250d ago

I hope Chelsea can get him first.

zootang4250d ago

You boys should learn by now you can't buy titles. United and Barca both spend little but do very well by blooding the youth. Teams that spend money are like women with plastic surgergy, they will never be as good as the natural women.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand.

kulka4250d ago

haha I loved your comment on plastic woman
and I agree you can't buy titles Barca are excellent example of how football clubs should operate

Mozilla894250d ago

You do realize that Barca aren't exactly rolling in cash that they've saved with their youth system right? Barca (and United) have amongst the highest wage bills in world along with two of the most expensive coaches.

Don't forget that Barca was struggling to pay their squad last year and had to take out a loan of 125mil pounds. Of course I'm not blaming these two teams but it's the truth that all the top teams spend a lot of money to stay there.

KingsCross4249d ago

Disagree. Its been quite a while since United "raised" Giggs, Scholes and Beckham... Berbatov was a hell of a player in Tottenham. And he was expensive. Rooney was already a star, and expensive, Ronaldo that left, Nani among more.

Difference is that Ferguson has spent money. What does it make? No difference at all.

RedDevils4250d ago

@Mozilla89 "with two of the most expensive coaches" buzz wrong SAF is one the less earner compare to Ancelotti and Wenger

Mozilla894250d ago

I suspect you may be reading whatever list you have upside down. This is the link for last seasons salaries.


Besides the point isn't that he earns 1 mil more or less, the point is all clubs spend a lot of money.

RedDevils4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

@Mozilla89 Lol my mistake I probably end up reading the wrong Article where it said SAF earning something like 3ml compare to Wenger 6ml and Ancelotti a wooping almost 7ml which I was surprise :P

About the point yeah I agree

kulka4250d ago

Any club that can get him back to full form will be a huge advantage but what about UEFA's fair play rules ?

FootballZilla4250d ago

Sell him Man City or AC Milan will bid 40m+

Sahil4250d ago

Don't think Milan would re-buy him.. haha

Man City on the other hand would be more than ready to buy him(don't care about the price).

@Mozilla89: The 1st one put me in shock, Scolari making a fortune with an total "UNKNOWN" club, good for him :)

ultramoot4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

UEFA FFP rules come into effect this summer. Every pound spent on the clubs will be recorded throughout the season. At the end, any club data showing a negative balance outside the permitted amount will be disqualified from all European competitions.

Right now, Man City and Chelsea are operating way outside their individual profit margins. How they're going to show a positive balance sheet at the end of next season is a mystery.

Mozilla894250d ago

Well I don't think they're worried about it because they don't have to show a profit by the end of the next season. The first few years of FFP requires you show positive direction in your finances (cutting your losses each year).

RedDevils4250d ago

Yeah I wonder why Chelsea spend like 100ml on the January Window alone lol

b163o14250d ago

I've heard rumors, that Chelsea are looking to sale Torres lmao. 50 million down the drain.

City till I die!!!

GJ234250d ago

Dont think mourinho would swap Kaka for Adebayor. Adebayor is too old to swap a great player for

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