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Arsene Wenger Hits out at Arsenal Fans: Labels Them Superficial Judges

Arsene Wenger has finally broken the grievous stillness that prevailed since the appalling draw with Blackburn Rovers last weekend. It has also been well documented since the Blackburn game that Arsenal fanbase is divided into two. That draw has widened the chasm between the pro-Wenger and anti-Wenger Arsenal fans.

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ultramoot4143d ago

This doesn't sound good. Roy Hodgson did the same thing at LFC which added to his expulsion from the job. Not saying the same thing will happen for Wenger, but biting back at your own supporters is never a good move.

sokrates4142d ago

I agree. Supporters have more power as a group than we normally Imagine. He should be quite, or talk about it in other terms. Still I think its a long way for Wneger beeing fired. His results are to good.

GJ234135d ago

Never turn against your own fans. Arsene's cracking up