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Peter Schmeichel tells Wayne Rooney to quit Manchester United for Real Madrid

Dane believes striker needs a 'change of scenery' and feels Jose Mourinho would be able to get the best out of the England international

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RedDevils3653d ago

A legend for United, but a big joke when giving out Pundit, he wanted his son to sign for Leeds and Man City, our Biggest Rival and not only that he tried and stop us from Signing Lindergaard which is better than his son, now I don't think people should take him seriously, He an embarrassment on the Danish TV, great Footballer tho but not when giving out opinion

GJ233653d ago

He lost my respect when he went to City. If he'd retired instead of joining them he would be a true Old Trafford legend. Shame he ruined it

Sahil3649d ago

He's not good enough for Madrid.

GJ233646d ago

Benzema and kaka for Rooney?
I wouldnt complain

Sahil3645d ago

Rooney isn't good enough for Madrid, Benzema and Kaka for Rooney means loss for Madrid.