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Manchester United are being victimised, claims Sir Alex Ferguson

"Some people feel the need to be noticed; maybe people don't know he's there," he added. "You see nowadays, with people wearing tattoos and earrings, it's a need-to-be-noticed world we're in."

Asked if he believed the two-match ban imposed by the FA, which found Rooney had breached the prohibition on using "insulting, abusive or threatening language", was fair, Ferguson said: "I don't know if you can use that word 'fair' any longer." The Scot received a five-match touchline ban from the FA after complaining about Martin Atkinson's handling of United's 2-1 defeat at Chelsea, saying: "You want a fair referee."

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lukie1224250d ago

True, totally true but that on rooney is fair...

GJ234250d ago

Yeah, still don't see why the police officer needed to get involved.

Sahil4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Manchester United have done things which should be taken into consideration, other clubs haven't done these kind of things. Fergie calling Atkinson Unfair, did any manager called a referee unfair after they gave a wrong decision against their team, Howard webb sometimes favoring United is TOTALLY FAIR accod to fergie. You get what you pay for.

GJ234242d ago

All clubs get these kind of decisions. People just notice it more if it happens to United

Sahil4242d ago

Well, if you do shit*y things, then you have to pay for the consequences.