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Rooney is a scapegoat - Scholes

Paul Scholes claims Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney has been made a scapegoat for England's dismal failure at last summer's World Cup.

The 25-year-old was just emerging from a year of torment when he bagged his hat-trick at West Ham.

Rooney's relief was probably a factor in the four-letter celebrations that landed him in hot water with the Football Association, triggering a two-match suspension that rules him out of next Saturday's FA Cup semi-final with Manchester City at Wembley.

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sokrates4144d ago

I agree with Scholes. England did put a big pressure on Rooney before the last world cup, after his excellent performance last season- it might not be strange... But I find it unfair making him the scapegoat, after all England should have more than 1 striker in world class... and the whole team was weak. Rooney kicks back - and gets a 2 match ban. Thats FA.

KingsCross4144d ago

I think is natural that he gets the dirt. He is telling the fans to f... off after another bad and lazy match for England. The same man that made to many goals and assists against to many premier league clubs last season, didnt even try to play well WITH his rivals from premier league. He was a shame !

Maradona4144d ago

I guess I am not that subjective as you are when I am telling you that your comment is crap - just taken out of nowhere.
England tried their best and was not good enough.

GJ234137d ago

England definatly lacked quality. Should have done much better considering the strength of their club

GJ234144d ago

Scholes has a point. Worse things happen but since its rooney a big thing gets made of it.

Sahil4143d ago

I disagree with Scholes, I think Rooney is a goat. He gets a beating (and gets it hard)everytime he goes the wrong way :)