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Chelsea Ready to Sell £50m Flop Fernando Torres

Chelsea owner Abramovich may sell Torres the flop as £50m nightmare goes on.

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zico4146d ago

RUMORS! They will of course give him more time! Maybe he will score two against United next match and then he will be a hero again

ultramoot4146d ago

RUMOUR - "Torres to score sometime in the future."

freeduck4146d ago

What rubbish. If anyone, Drogba would leave. Torres is still in his prime but Chelsea need to figure this summer out how to play and adapt with Torres

kulka4146d ago

Nobody will pay more than 20 milion for him so selling would be very bad buisness for chelsea

cozmo1954145d ago

maybe we buy him back for 20Million

we make a 30 million profit lol

Infernostew4145d ago

That sounds somewhat familiar... Oh yeah! Like when Liverpool overpaid for Robbie Keane and sold him back to Spurs for way less. Good times.

GJ234146d ago

He needs time to adapt to their play style. Selling now would be mindless

Redempteur4145d ago (Edited 4145d ago )

so others have to adapt ?

What about the rest of the team ?

this situation remind me of ibrahimovic at barcelona except that torres doesn't even score goals ..

My point is simple ...if you trully want to win , then you have to fit into the rest of the team , no being sttuborn.. torres is far from being in his prime IMO.

heck Even Etoo worked for the team first at the inter milan even if he hates defending.

The team comes first , not some star wannabe .. If torres can't score with chelsea playstyle , then he should just leave . it can't be worse than when he left liverpool .

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The story is too old to be commented.