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English Premier League: The Top 10 Surprise Players of 2010-2011

The 2010/2011 English Premier League has been one of the most exciting and competitive campaigns which has been a joy to watch for all football fans. What's even better is that World Football's toughest league still has a month of competition left.

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freeduck4139d ago

Article forgets Lucas who had a good season
but I agree Wilshere deserve #1

kulka4139d ago

Wilshere Bale and Adam what a season they had hope Liverpool can get Adam

GJ234139d ago

The video in the middle of the slideshow was very annoying. Hennessey has been a good goalkeeper for a couple of years now. Not really a surprise.

I'd have put Gyan on the list. Had a brilliant first season

RedDevils4138d ago

missing alot of players that deserve to be mention, not really good article, but Whilshere does deserve the first spot tho