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Liverpool Could Really Use John Arne Riise on the Left Flank

After watching Denmark take on Norway in a recent 2012 European Championship qualifying match, Bleacher report's Dan Patterson was struck by how effective John Arne Riise was for the Norwegian team. At 30 years old, Riise doesn't have the explosive pace that he used to but he dominated that left side the entire game.

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ultramoot4148d ago

Shouldn't have sold him in the first place, but bringing him back will just be a waste of time and money. Since the team is in the process of rebuilding, they shouldn't make any more stop-gap signings(short-term fix). What LFC needs is young and long-term prospects like Fabio Coentrao. No more buying 29/30+ year olds who're on the decline.

sokrates4148d ago

I think that depends on the price. He is more than good enough, he loves Liverpool and was really sad when he had to leave. Considered he is never injured, I think he can have many good years left as a footballer in top international level.

GJ234142d ago

Would be good as a free transfer. Cant remember how much is left on his contract though

GJ234142d ago

Agree with you. Shouldnt panic buy. Bring through from the youth team

Sahil4141d ago

We are encouraging more youth players, 3-4 players in the playing eleven to boost their confidence.

Sahil4147d ago

I think too that he had never left but coming back would not be a great idea both for him and the club.

GJ234142d ago

Great player for Liverpool and the league. Shouldnt have left

Sahil4141d ago

He was kinda not performing well, so.. had to let go!

Sahil4141d ago

I don't feel he'll agree on coming back, he's having a good season with Roma.