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AC Milan's Zlatan Ibrahimovic could face four-match ban after dismissal against Fiorentina

Swede is given his marching orders for an outburst at the referee in the 2-1 win at Fiortneina after having just returned from a two-game suspension.

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no_more_heroes3660d ago

Ok, now Ibra's becoming a liability for Milan.

kulka3659d ago

Complete idiot no doubts he was a failure at Barca too

zico3659d ago

Incorrect ref decision! Not a red card at all! He gets out his frustration at himself, that must be allowed?

Sahil3659d ago

True, it was just a yellow, he said something to the referee and then to himself :)

GJ233653d ago

Agree with you. should have just bit his lip though

ohahCantona3659d ago

watch it here and and judge yourself. I don`t think he should get red card for this. He gets it just because he is Zlatan and the refs are against him

GJ233653d ago

Cannot get away with talking to the refs like this, but it's not a red

GJ233659d ago

He should know better by now

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