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Stan Kroenke increases share in Arsenal to over 62 per cent and agrees to make club takeover offer

American businessman Stan Kroenke has agreed to make a takeover offer for Arsenal after increasing his share in the club to over 62%.

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no_more_heroes4148d ago

The last of the traditional big four to still be a publicly trading organization is no more. Now even Arsenal is privately owned. There's still Barcelona...

Sahil4147d ago

Yeah, this could also solve their financial problems and tight budgets while making new signings.

GJ234142d ago

Complete takeover would be good. Dont think it's going to happen though

Sahil4142d ago

Yeah, the supporters union has disagreed with it.

GJ234142d ago

Usmanov is against it as well

Sahil4142d ago

Hmmm.. That sums it up for him.