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Manchester United's Nani 'disappointed' by PFA Player of the Year snub

Portuguese winger, who tops the Premier League's assists chart, saddened not to be included on the list but still in the running for young player gong and hoping to further improve

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FootballZilla3659d ago

One if not the best player this season for man utd he is the player who gives the team flair.

Ferdinand said on twitter that nani is his player of the year over van der vaart, nasri & bale.

Sahil3659d ago

Yeah good player, he did gives united some extra width and quality.

GJ233653d ago

All the other players have had injuries and drops in form. Very unfair that he hasnt been rewarded for his hard work

Sahil3653d ago

Maybe he could get an award next year, he hasn't been that good this year.

FootballZilla3659d ago

18 assists + 9goals Most goals on the winger position in the epl.

GJ233653d ago

Unbelievable that he wasnt considered. The other players arent as effective as him

Sahil3653d ago

Gareth Bale has been better, he brings a lot to the field.

ultramoot3659d ago

Cry some more, maybe they'll reconsider. I hear they reserve special spots for drama queens.

sokrates3659d ago

Some how I like your comment, cause I cant stand Cryers as well. Another point is that I consider him one of the players that should have been listed.

GJ233653d ago

Stands above all other players in goals and assists. Very unfair for him to be left out

guigsy3659d ago

He's right to be disappointed. Nani has been the most consistent performer in the league this season, whereas every nominee (bar Charlie Adam perhaps) has had a dip in form at some point. Bale has hardly been spectacular in the league, everyone just remembers those performance against Inter.

GJ233653d ago

Bale has had a lot of injury problems as well. Im starting to think he's a bit overrated

Sahil3653d ago

No man, the kid has performed very well in europe too, he has been a sensation this year.

GJ233653d ago

He should be dissapointed after all his effort. Brilliant season, no respect for his hard work

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