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Inter, Tottenham & Shakhtar – here are five Champions League miracle comebacks looks back on five classic comebacks as Inter, Tottenham and Shakhtar attempt the seemingly impossible this week...

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nieuwland144142d ago

I think tottenham still have a chance, at home they have been brilliant this season.

zinedine4142d ago

White Heart Lane has been Tottenham's fortress, they haven't lost a single CL game there.

nieuwland144142d ago

They have been incredible a real treat to watch.

zico4142d ago

Tottenham have been out of shape for over a month now and I have no faith that they will be able to turn that against Real

sokrates4142d ago

Its impossible mission. They didn against against AC Milan at home, but they didnt score either... So, turning this one is hard. How many matches has Tottenham scored 4 goals this season? Or a 5 goals victory???

GJ234137d ago

Great record to have in the premier league. Didnt realise that

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Mozilla894142d ago

I can't see them winning by multiple goals against a Mourinho side.

GJ234137d ago

Especially one with such great players

Sahil4136d ago

They don't have that much great players hust a good manager.

GJ234142d ago

It's about time there was a new miracle comeback.

4142d ago
Sahil4142d ago

Tottanhem and Shakhtar have absolutely no chance whatsoever, Mourinho's tactics are tough to crack. Only thing which is possible is Inter beating Schalke :)