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Liverpool FC : This Summer's MUST Buys for John Henry's NESV and Liverpool FC

In recent weeks, the depth of the Liverpool squad has come under the spotlight and, to be quite honest, it has come up short.

Even owner, John Henry, in recent days expressed his shock at the lack of quality of the squad he took over at Anfield. Pundits jumped all over this, pointing the finger of blame on ex-manager Rafa Benitez.

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freeduck4137d ago

Kenny, Carra and Commolli already said its going to be a busy summer and darn right it should be
Lots of changes need to happen, next season I cannot wait

Sahil4137d ago

Yeah, can't wait for the signings, new players, new talent and maybe new jersey, am bored of this one :D

GJ234131d ago

They just need better players. Average squad with a few gems. Need a few more big names