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DTotD: Owl kicker now kicking other footballers

You probably know Deportivo Pereira's Luis Moreno as the manifestation of pure evil that kicked Junior Barranquilla's live owl mascot into a state of shock that eventually killed it. Well, he has apparently decided that murdering winged creatures is not enough to satisfy his need to mercilessly assault living things with his feet, so in Sunday's match against Deportivo Cali, he moved up to kicking his fellow man.

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Nightfallen4143d ago

WTF? He kicked an owl, PETA is going to sue his ass.

GJ234137d ago

Owl was streaking during the match :P

Sahil4142d ago

hahaha, maybe he didn't get the ball the whole match.

GJ234137d ago

That had to hurt. Ouch