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St. Pauli fans don’t seem sorry about hitting linesman with that beer

St. Pauli have been ordered to play their next Bundesliga home match without any supporters in the stands because an impressively accurate fan got their match against Schalke abandoned after cracking a linesman in the back of the neck with a full cup of beer. And while most fans might be upset by that punishment, those scamps at St. Pauli responded with a bit of humor when they made the trip to Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday.

As their team lost 2-1, St. Pauli fans displayed a banner referring to themselves as hooligans (with two beer glasses instead of O's, naturally) above the phrase "Shut up and drink -- Beer in the neck."

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lukie1224145d ago

Hooligans are going wild...

Sahil4144d ago

Yaa, they threw the beer already on purpose, why would they be sorry, stupid people.

GJ234139d ago

Haha, sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Sahil4139d ago

True, but they shudn't do this.