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Ditching Carlo Ancelotti can only damage careless Chelsea

There is always a grand prize at stake for the Chelsea manager. Retaining the job is, after all, a triumph in itself and the task can be accomplished only with trophies. Nobody should expect a long tenure and even José Mourinho understood that his time had run out, although he was not sacked. In the broader context there is nothing unusual about club owners who are prone to ruthlessness.

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Sahil2749d ago (Edited 2749d ago )

Ya, he's planning to leave chelsea for Roma, as far as rumors are concerned. It would be better if he stayed for another season.


Chelsea go through with this every year, one by one a world class manager takes the helms at Chelsea and if they can't deliver the Champions League trophy immediately, their sacked. It's pathetic.
I wana see Abromavich on his knees begging for Mourinho to come back

GJ232744d ago

Completely agree with this article. Good things come to those who wait