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UEFA Champions League: Fernando Torres Starts for Chelsea vs. Manchester United

Bleacher Report: Rejoice. Fernando Torres, more wasteful than a chocolate bar with six wrappers, is set to start against Manchester United tonight in the UEFA Champions League.

The £50 million punchline, currently at the peak of his career at 27 years of age, has failed to score for Chelsea since his January move.

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nieuwland144146d ago

I think Chelsea should start with the same team vs Wigan except Alex for Luiz and Ivanovic right back and then subsitute Torres later.

ultramoot4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

What kind of "news article" is this? It sounds more like something a 14 year old writes on his blog.

As much as I dislike Torres' "betrayal", I have a feeling he's going to start scoring again soon and make all his critics look like a bunch of bitter morons - including the author of this very "professional" article.

Sahil4145d ago

Ya, that is what I thought when I first read it. This article belongs to someone's personal blog. There are 1000s of articles written each day about "Torres and his 50m million transfer" man.. give it a break. They don't write about how good David Luiz is and United reaching closer to the title.

If Torres starts the game, then it would be VERY difficult to win the game(not saying impossible), They should play malouda, anelka and drogba upfront.

zinedine4146d ago

I think this will either give Torres lots of confidence and play well, or make him feel a lot of pressure and be subsituted in the second half.

GJ234145d ago

I didn't realise he was 27. Only got 3 years left before he goes downhill really

RedDevils4145d ago

I guess it money well spend eh :P