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What Iran thinks David Beckham and Oliver Kahn look like

Yahoo Sports writer: For some reason there are statues of Davey Becks and Ollie Kahn at the Saint Petersburg's museum in the Niavaran Cultural Center of Tehran and for some reason those statues look like rejected Star Wars characters. You could probably come up with some kind of tenuous reasoning for having a Becks statue in an Iranian cultural center, but Oliver Kahn? My only guess is that he put it there himself.

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GJ234061d ago

They look even worse than the MJ statue at fulham

Sahil4061d ago

Oh mighty god, help those people, show them some pictures.. Seriously, Whose statues are those?

lukie1224061d ago

Yeah they look more like luke skywalker!

Sahil4056d ago

They just need a sword, right.

ultramoot4061d ago

I've seen quite a few random mannequins that look more like Becks.