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Highlights: Manchester United 2-1 Chelsea (3-1) (UEFA Champions League Quarterfinal 2nd Leg 12.4.11)

1-0 Hernandez 43'
1-1 Drogba 77'
2-1 Ji-Sung Park 77'

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crazyturkey4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Good result for Manchester United. Chelsea on the other hand never looked dangerous until Drogba's goal. IMO It's time to bench that 50million pound dead weight, at least until next season.

zico4249d ago

I felt sorry for Torres. he is totally out of shape and shows no joy out there. And I wonder: Why didn`t Ancelotti start with Drogba?

Maradona4249d ago

Maybe its in his contract:)

Mozilla894249d ago

I wish I knew the answer to that question. I thought after the league game Ancelotti had realized that it would be better to start with Torres to come off the bench.

The moment I found out that Torres was starting and Drogba was benched I feared for Chelsea.

zootang4249d ago

It gets even worse when you think Rio was one legged all game. What a legend!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

sokrates4249d ago

Nothing to be sorry about. He leaves Liverpool because he wants to win titles... Then he chooses Chelsea??? Stupid choice - no brain no sorry.

Anderson84249d ago

if roman abramovich tells you to buy torres for million and you bench him you'll get sacked.. look what happened with mourinho and shevcenko.. he should always start with drogba and anelka but i dont think he as a choice at the moment

badz1494249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

he was better at Liverpool and now Caroll is stealing the lime light all over Anfield like Torres was never there! Drogba is obviously the better choice but damn...Torres really needs to up his game to keep up in top teams!

RedDevils4248d ago

The owner have to let the manager do his job, by let him do what is right, I guess Ancelotti was force to start Torres by Roman

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zeddy4249d ago

rooney, park, giggs were amazing! no ones complaining about rooneys huge contract now are they.

GJ234249d ago

And van der Saar as a left back :P

badz1494249d ago

it's like nothing stopping him! keep up the good work Rooney!

GJ234249d ago

Yeah they really didnt create any clearcut chances apart from the Drogba goal. The Defence was brilliant

Anderson84249d ago

rio and vidic are the best cb partnership in the world i'd say.. can't realy think of anyone else that as consistent

CYBERSNAKE4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Thank you Ancelotti for leaving Drogba on the bench in the first half, who knows what the scores would have been if he started.

Sahil4249d ago

Hey, I just heard that Abrahimovic told Ancelotti to start with Torres, one of the Fox presenters got the info from somewhere. He said Ancelotti was set on playin drogba, anelka and malouda in the front.


If thats true then why didn't he start Drogba instead of Anelka.
Anelka is useless in the Champions League

zico4249d ago

I hope it is not true! Abrahimovic has nothing to do about who`s playing! I don`t think Ancelotti will be there next season, and maybe he isn`t the right man for Chelsea eather?

Anderson84249d ago

@cybersnake.. anelka's chelseas top scorer in the champions league.. what are you on about ?


Really? I didnt know that... But my point is Drogba should have started. Oh well.

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zootang4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )


In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

ohahCantona4249d ago

United controlled most of the match today. Thanks to Park for his important goal right after Drogbas goal, thanks to Ancelotti playing (and buying) with Torres, thanks to Sir Alex who is the best manager ever, and thanks to all our players who are good today!

Glory glory Man United!

kulka4249d ago

Chelsea were awful in both games better team progressed

Mozilla894249d ago

I think it's time to rebuild Chelsea. It's time to start phasing out the old stalwarts and get replacements.

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