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Liverpool FC: The 10 Possible Steven Gerrard's of the Future

It takes a lot to be Steven Gerrard, but it's in no way impossible. Liverpool has most of the possible successors already in their ranks. Gerrard isn't the first of his kind to play for Liverpool, and here's hoping he won't be the last!

Some of these players will hope to be the next Steven Gerrard for years to come, while some will need to take his place in games he will surely miss—due to injury or just taking a rest—in the coming few years. No particular order to the list.

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Sahil4134d ago

Are you kiddin me?

There isn't any another "Steve Gerrard", he's one in a million :)

cozmo1954134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

one in a million?

good we just have to look through another one million people and we will find another "Steven Gerrard" :P

Sahil4134d ago

Oh.. I meant one in a Zillion :)