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Liverpool Agree Deal With FC Porto Boss Andre Villa-Boas as New Manager for Next Season

FC Porto manager Andre Villas-Boas has agreed to become the new Liverpool manager next season.

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ultramoot4135d ago

Agreed. Highly unlikely.

The supporters want Kenny to get the full-time job. The players have said they enjoy working under Dalglish, and results have also improved a lot compared to the 1st half of the season. So, unless FSG is willing to risk disturbing the feeling of stability and unity within the team that they've worked so hard to achieve for months, this is all bullcrap.

GJ234134d ago

Have to agree with you. The managers at both clubs are doing well. Doubt they'd want to leave

Sahil4135d ago

Maybe they are talking about Andre Villa Boas coming to Liverpool as an assistant manager because with Kenny around, the above news ain't gonna happen.

The fans want kenny, when it was hodgson and the team wasn't performing well, they used to blame hodgson but with kenny, the fans blame the players.

GJ234134d ago

Villa-Boas is doing well at Porto, Dalglish is doing well at Liverpool. Why bother changing it?