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AC Milan to Offer Real Madrid Zlatan Ibrahimovic In Cash Plus Player Swap

Recent speculation from Italy suggested that Serie A table-toppers Milan are determined to lure Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo away from Real Madrid in the summer transfer window, and the Rossoneri are now prepared to include striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a makeweight in the deal, reports from Italy suggest.

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nieuwland144135d ago

Zlatan would do this, he is out for revenge with Barca...

no_more_heroes4135d ago

He would be the most hated player in Europe if he does, having played for Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Barcelona and now, possibly, Real Madrid.

zinedine4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

This would be the second country he becomes a traitor in.

Sahil4135d ago

Man, that would count as Ibrahimovic having an "ILLUSTRIOUS-CLUB" career. One thing missing tho, an english club!

Mozilla894135d ago

I highly doubt anything could tempt Madrid to sell Ronaldo to anyone unless he comes out himself and says he wants to go.

Sahil4135d ago

This is total BS, Zlatan for Roanldo, Zlatan for cash was making more sense :)

GJ234135d ago

Ronaldo wont leave madrid. It's his dream

Anderson84135d ago

agreed, this story is BS.. ronaldo wont leave real madrid any time soon and he definitely wouldnt go to the italian league.. he wants to be regarded as the best player in the world, spain and england are the only places he can achieve that at the mo

GJ234131d ago

No doubt about that. I'd say italian league is the weakest of the main european leagues at the moment

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