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Guess Which Film “Almost” Made Nemanja Vidic Cry?

On the field, Nemanja Vidic looks every bit the hardened defender that has seen him lead Manchester United to European and domestic glory.
His strength and power have also seen him shortlisted for the PFA Player of the Year award.

But, away from the pitch, Vidic admits he loves a good tear-jerker and was taken in by The Notebook which earned a reputation for making grown men bawl.

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nieuwland144139d ago

Haha tough footballers have feelings too.

ultramoot4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Haven't read the article yet, so I'm guessing "Sophie's Choice".

Sahil4138d ago

Hey, did that movie make you cry?

ultramoot4138d ago

Nah. I don't even know what type of movie it is. :D

Sahil4138d ago


BTW, Nice romantic movie :)

Sahil4139d ago

I went with "Cinderella Man".. LOL

zeddy4139d ago

trust me this movie is freakin sad! i didnt cry but as vidic did, i came mighty close.

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