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Chelsea Owner Will Turn To Pep Guardiola After Carlo Ancelotti Fails To Deliver Champions League

Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola is wanted by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to replace Carlo Ancelotti and win the Champions League.

The Russian billionaire was at Old Trafford last night to watch his team defeated 3-1 on aggregate by Manchester United in Europe’s premier competition.

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nieuwland142745d ago

This would be great pep said he wants to leave and Chelsea need a coach :)

zinedine2745d ago

Chelsea would be lucky, Pep is probaly the best coach in the world right now.

kulka2745d ago

I don't think he'll leave Barca this year Chelsea play completely diffrent football he would not succeed

Sahil2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Ya, Pep said he wants to move to Premier League(I think I read it in the guardian or something) but still don't see him leaving Barca this year, he'll try and make Mourinho suffer one more year for the title.

GJ232745d ago

I don't see Pep being happy at Chelsea with Abramovich interfering so much