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AC Milan’s Massimiliano Allegri believes Zlatan Ibrahimovic is being targeted by Serie A referees

Rossoneri coach claims the rule book is not always applied fairly to offending players after the striker was sent off in two successive games, the second for swearing at officials

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kulka2748d ago

Nope he's just an idiot who can't behave him self very talented but very stupid footballer

GJ232747d ago

"Swearing at referees" and "lashing out"?

He should know better.

Sahil2748d ago

Treu, he does stupid things on the pitch which annoys referees.

no_more_heroes2748d ago

He makes himself a very easy target.

GJ232747d ago

He deserved the cards though. Foolish man

Sahil2747d ago

I really don't see him going back to Barca with Villa in-form and syncronsing well with other team members.