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Ronaldo has shot to grab spotlight from Messi

Thanks to a magical little maestro named Lionel Messi, no one ever talks about Cristiano Ronaldo as the best player in the world any more. What was once a discussion about who was soccer’s finest exponent is now a mere statement of fact.

Over in Germany, Schalke completed the job it began last week by seeing off defending champion Inter Milan. Schalke might be the least heralded of the four semifinalists but is well worthy of being at this stage and fully capable of pulling off a further surprise against United.

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Sahil3654d ago

Don't see Ronaldo stealing the spotlight back from Messi.

Corepred43654d ago

Why not? Overall he is a better player. Don't care if you all disagree cause you're in love with Messi's non-threatening sad puppy look, lol. CR7 and Messi are fantastic world class players but I still give Ronaldo the edge.

Sahil3654d ago

You mean "Rolando's threatening".. think again!

FYI, Threat doesn't appear from face, it appears from abilities.

Corepred43654d ago

Obviously you don't know anything about the human mind. Has a lot to do with how people approach another. Yes even in sports. Just 'FYI'.

Sahil3654d ago

You should go and check out some "SCIENTIFIC" forums/websites not football ones.. Mr.Human Mind!

Corepred43654d ago

You should stop watching football all together if you don't think mentality is as important as the physical talent of a football player.

Sahil3654d ago

Hmm.. you're still here.

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GJ233654d ago

If madrid can will CL then Ronaldo might do it. Thats the only thing that can help him though

ultramoot3654d ago

They're both the current best in the world by quite a distance, no doubt. I don't think it would be fair to compare them in that regard. So I'm just gonna say - whoever is the better team player and wins more from their 4 scheduled clashes will grab the limelight.

It's times like these that makes me wish that the world gets to see another player like Ronaldo(the Brazilian).

Sahil3652d ago

But I think messi's always one step ahead!