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Four battles, one war: Winner takes all for Barcelona and Real Madrid

Europe and Spain's biggest rivals prepare for four instalments of El Clásico in only 18 days, culminating in the all-important Champions League semi-final.

White Hart Lane's final whistle became the clásico series' starting pistol, but both participants had already been up and running for some time. This was confirmation of what has long been coming: Barcelona versus Real Madrid. Over and over and over again. Losing track is understandable, so grab a pen and take it down: Madrid and Barcelona play each other on 16 April in the league, on 20 April in the Copa del Rey final, and on 27 April and 3 May in the Champions League semi-final.

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Sahil4143d ago

Hmm.. there's never so many clashes in a year between two clubs, especially when there's everything to win, the cup, league and CL.