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The Timbers’ mascot and his giant chainsaw are not messing around

The Portland Timbers' soaking wet first home match in MLS against the Chicago Fire showed off their fantastic stadium and fantastic crowd -- the Timbers Army, who belted out the national anthem all on their own. But perhaps the most unique feature of one of the league's new teams is their mascot. Yes, the Timbers' mascot is an actual lumberjack with an actual chainsaw and he actually uses it during matches. His name is Timber Joey and after every Timbers goal he slices a piece off his huge log slab on the side of the pitch. The slices are passed through the stands and presented to the goal scorer after the match.

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no_more_heroes4132d ago

It was certainly a spectacle.

Sahil4132d ago

I just saw it on youtube, amazing stuff!

lukie1224131d ago

Well they can say they have one of the creepiest mascots ever!