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Ronaldo: Madrid will win a trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo is in a confident mood heading into the upcoming quartet of clasicos with Barcelona, stating his belief Real Madrid will win a trophy this season.

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Sahil4138d ago

Yeah, a trophy for fair play or something :)

Sahil4137d ago

Oh forgot.. madrid picked up 2 yellow cards intentionally, that is fair play, that is football... hahahahaha

and they call it the most prestigious club on earth.. BIG JOKE!

Corepred44136d ago

BIG JOKE= liverpool lol

Sahil4136d ago

Hmm.. yeah why not.. says a madrid fan.. hahahahaha

sokrates4137d ago

In a lotto you can win without skills- in football its different. Real will have to wait. S

Sahil4136d ago

Yeah, for like 2-3 years.. not gonna win a trophy with such ease when there's a better team around you.