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Real Madrid 200/1 To Thrash Barcelona 5-0

Real Madrid fans who are feeling optimistic can back Los Blancos to get their Clasico revenge by thumping Barcelona 5-0 at 201.0 (200/1). They say revenge is a dish served ice cold but in the white hot cauldron of the Santiago Bernabeu pretty much anything can happen.

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Sahil2740d ago

hahaha, only 200/1, madrid is lucky.. it shud have been 2000/1

Corepred42740d ago

i was wondering why you are so bitter. then your picture finally loaded up, lmao. i understand now. liverpool smh, bwahahahahaha

Sahil2740d ago

I'm not bitter, it's just how I saw the game, that's it.

How many trophies have you won lately ha.. you've just one club to beat every year and you can't even do that, don't you talk about liverpool, spending 200m on players and can't even win the domestic cup, that's amazing!

Corepred42739d ago

Blind and bitter! Lol what game were you watching? Liverpool lol smh

Sahil2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Blah.. blah.. blah.. keep wasting your time and go find some new internet slang.. Mr.SMH!