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Fernando Torres Scores Against West Brom, Goal Disallowed for Offside

So near, yet so far.

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Sahil4143d ago

Man.. this has become a news article, anyway.. no they know that he can actually score!

karim4143d ago

I thought it was a goal,celebrated wildly then swore at the linesman..

Sahil4143d ago

haha.. totally understand it!

no_more_heroes4143d ago

I buried my head in my hands when I saw that it was disallowed. I honestly feel sorry for him. He just can't catch a break.

GJ234142d ago

Even i want to see him score lol. Lacking luck at the moment


Surely he can't go through the rest of the season without scoring for Chelsea.

theEx1Le4143d ago

Hopefully he will and when he does he'll get the confidence to keep scoring

GJ234142d ago

Not long to go now either until the end of the season. If he scores one he wont stop

holland19454143d ago

wonderful run, he was onside. the goal didn't count but that has to be a weight off of his shoulders and I think the flood gates have finally opened.

GJ234142d ago

Brilliantly timed run. Must be the most unlucky player this year

Sahil4142d ago

Maybe the first half of 2011 is not his and let's hope the rest of the year turns for him.

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The story is too old to be commented.