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Highlights: Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United (FA Cup Semi-Final - 16/04/11)

1-0 Y. Toure 52'

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no_more_heroes4140d ago

They were the better team. Not by much, but they were better.

Sahil4140d ago

Hey, congrats on getting the big news, let's see who hits the jackpot tonight!!

zeddy4140d ago

it was even until carricks mistake, after that they were the better team. same would have happend to united if berba scored his sitter.


I guess we miss Rooney more, horrible goal to concede but well played City

karim4140d ago

Besides the first 30 mins,City were by fat the better team and Joe Hart is a terrific keeper !

I LOLed at Rio in the end..

sokrates4140d ago

This was not our day. City deserved to win, even finding the red card a bit odd.

karim4140d ago

But deserved..It was a De Jong style king fu kick from Scholes

Maradona4140d ago

He came very easy trough the united defenders there at the goal.

Sahil4140d ago

Yeah, brilliant goal by Toure!

Mozilla894140d ago

Good goal, got past van der saar and Vidic.

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The story is too old to be commented.