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FootballZilla4136d ago

Was expecting more from this, when barca starting passing the ball for like 3min at back that was just killing the game.

The Penalties/Red Card killed the game.

Madrid with one less looked good.

Sahil4136d ago

Real did deserve to win the game but they never should've, it was a clear penalty when Villa went down from casillas challenge.

HxCGamer4136d ago


i'm sorry but that was not a penalty
it was a fair save by iker

I felt like since the beggining barca was falling down if wind blew their way...
when messi fell down and grabbed his face... seriously what was that about?

and we did deserve to win, dumb mistakes were made while striking and luck was just not in our side this game...
but we just proved that even with 10 men we can look good(if not better) against "the best team in the world"

Sahil4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Really, of all those things you would take up the "messi holding his face" thing, he bumped into Pepe, that's what happened. Give him a break, when Ronaldo had th ball, there was one player marking him and Messi had the ball, there were 4 players after him, that shows the threat he carries with himself.

Villa knicked the ball and Casillas caught Villa, see it again, I saw it on 70mm screen :)

Yes, Real did looked good but they never should've won the match, I guess draw was fair to say, and you're talking about 10 men, after getting that goal there was no team no earth that would attack, they were sitting back and BAM, real caught them and it was not like they started the game with 10, Barca owned Real at Bernabeau this year too.


DixieNormS4135d ago

I'm sorry but just because Real had more opportunities to score does not mean they should have won the match. Stupid fucks couldn't even get the ball back from barca all game. they were schooled all day long. The fact of the matter is that Real tied at home and that's it. They tied the best team in the world but could not beat them at home.

Maradona4136d ago

Real was lucky. looking forward to Champions league.

HxCGamer4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

the other way around

EDIT: Also since when does barca have all these fans.
you guys are just following them now because of all the messi-hype and because they are momentarily doing good, once that's gone so will your pathetic/fake fan group...

i'm seeing the comments below and madrid was the better team... even with a man down madrid was producing better chances

freeduck4135d ago

Barca has a lot of fans because they play good and fair football. Messi is hyped because he is the best player of the world, but the squad is not all Messi. It's a fantastic team squad composing of strong midfielders like Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets
Lots of Real Madrid fans are fake because they only like Ronaldo, Mourinho, Kaka.

Maradona4135d ago

I followed Barca since maradona was there...

TruthBTold4135d ago

Yep, Barca fan here since we had Luis Figo, Rivaldo, De Boer bros, Guardiola back in like 97 and been suporting them in their wins and losses. What you just said can apply to any fan of any team. We just happen to have the best player in the world and there has been alot to brag about for Barcelona fans. After Ronaldhino dropped his skills and left and Messi stepped up his game to what it is today Barca has been blesses. But it hasnt been all Messi. A great defense starting with the die hard Puyol who , to me, gives his life on the field in every game, Pique, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Pedro, Abidal, Valdez, recently Villa and thanks to Guardiola who has given Barcelona a new style which has given them a huge advantage over other teams. But its a team sport. Messi could not do what he does without the rest of the team. That is now and hopefully we get new players like Thiago to replace those on their way out. You might be a real hardcore madrid fan and you are just upset that Madrid could not win or dominate at home where it should have been the best place to win. Madrid is good but they concentrated more on defending themselves than attacking. A tie at Bernabeu is a win for Barcelona because the odds were againts them. Madrid is a great team and has the players to be the best but they are lacking in their abilities to play as a team. I was more afraid for Barca had Adebayor played from the first half as well as Ozil. Instead their line up was a defensive one. Not smart in my opinion. On this next game anything can happen so may the best team win. Go Barca.

Corepred44136d ago

How so? Looked like they fought back hard to tie up Barce with a man down.

Sahil4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

Seriously, did you see the happiness on their faces when they got the equalizer, it was like they won the super bowl or something, BARCA STILL DOMINANT!

Corepred44136d ago

Well usually people get happy when you equalize a great team like barcelona while you're a man down. barcelona was 'dominant' cause they were giving each other tug jobs in the back with the ball for like 5 minutes at a time.

HxCGamer4136d ago

little mistakes made here and there by us, but i felt our chances to score were a lot better

ronaldo had some close calls with the free kicks
and barca had the luckiest save against sergio ramos's header

no_more_heroes4136d ago

well played, they didn't deserve to lose.

no_more_heroes4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

I was expecting either a 1-0 Madrid win or a 1-1 draw. I knew Madrid wouldn't let Barca reproduce that 5-0 performance. Real were actually the slightly better team in this one, even when the went down to 10-men, they were still in the game.

Oh well, still 3 other chances for Barca.

Sahil4136d ago

Congrats Barca on winning the league, the referees did all they could to make Madrid the winners but in the end the best team in the world survived those attempts, it was such a disgrace to watch them giving silly yellow cards and fouls against barca(they gave a red card to madrid to make it look like a fair game and he deserved it too).

Barca will win the cup for sure coz there wouldn't be the same referees and today I've actually gained respect for howard webb, never seen such a biased referee.

krazykombatant4136d ago

Please, the game was close. Sure silly calls here and there but I thought the match was awfully close. Real didn't deserve to lose if they hadn't lost a man i think they could have won. Barca wasn't the best team this time around. Still looking forward to the other games. HALA MADRID!

Sahil4136d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

hahaha, was keeping a LOW profile!


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