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‘You won’t find a better committed team’ – Kenny Dalglish lauds Liverpool’s character

Dirk Kuyt fired home from the penalty spot with the final kick of the game as the Gunners title hopes hang in the balance, as they trail leaders Manchester United by six points

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ultramoot2745d ago

LFC has the commitment. But the team also needs creativity and pace, which they clearly lacked today. Always hoofing the ball up to Carroll from the back is not going to cut it.

Sahil2745d ago

He said it.

We really couldn't hold the ball in the midfield, always clearing and nobody on the other side to reach it.

kulka2745d ago

We missed Gerrard today Meireles our key playmaker was playing on the wing he barely had the ball we have the character but we also need a more quality squad

FootballZilla2744d ago


Sahil2744d ago

Yeah, we're hoping we could sign two wingers this summer, to increase the width of the squad.

freeduck2744d ago

Kenny knows this. Everyone at Liverpool knows that we need wingers. That's exactly what Kenny will invest in in the summer.
It's quite impressive how Kenny has worked this squad with no width or depth, and a (relatively) weak midfield considering Gerrard is out and Meireles is out of position

Sahil2744d ago

Agree, the sync between is better than ever in last 18months, they are starting to put more efforts in their performances, trying to please us and the manager, which clearly shows.

Any signing they make would be beneficial :)

kulka2744d ago

Yup Hazard and Marin would give Liverpool a new dimension but I like to see Kuyt stay in the starting eleven he scores a lot and works hard for the team

ultramoot2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I don't think Hazard or Sanchez are in the cards for Liverpool, especially without European games. Marin is a possibility, as is, I believe, Coentrao.

Use Coentrao on LB, Robinson as back-up, Johnson on the right with Flanagan as back-up. Then Martin Kelly becomes cover for Carragher in CB and 3rd choice RB. Danny Wilson can cover for Skrtel/Agger and also be 3rd choice LB.

Lucas is the lone DM with Spearing as 2nd choice. Gerrard and Meireles are the creative attacking mids, backed-up by Shelvey and Aquilani, plus Suso. Marko Marin and Suarez are the wide forwards, interchangeable on both left and right flanks. Their back-ups are Toni Silva, Raheem Sterling and Dani Pacheco.

Carroll plays lone-striker, Kuyt becomes 2nd choice striker followed by Adam Morgan.

Sell Kyrgiakos, Joe Cole, Maxi, Aurelio, Poulsen, Konchesky, NGog and Jovanovic.

Formation : 4-3-3

Sahil2744d ago

Really, if we get Marin and Coentrao(specially him), then it would be like the best thing ever. We need a DM too, we couldn't hold the ball for long in the midfield against arsenal, good holding midfielder like Derossi.

Your selling list is the same as mine(except for Maxi) :)