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Clasico confirmed that Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho doesn't care about good football - Johan Cruyff

Barcelona legend Johan Cruyff has looked back at Saturday's 1-1 draw with Real Madrid and was not impressed with the tactics employed by Jose Mourinho, branding the Portuguese a "negative coach".

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Sahil4140d ago

Yeah, we all know.. we've seen the kind of football he wants his players to play.

Corepred44140d ago

Negative comment from a former Barca player. Oh man what a surprise!

Sahil4140d ago

Hey, you think Real play the best football in the world, don't you? :)

Corepred44139d ago

No, but i'll cheer my team no matter what. And you just have this hate threaded into your body for Madrid don't you? You seem more of a Real Madrid hater than a Liverpool fan.