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Man United Complete £18m David De Gea Signing: Atletico Madrid Keeper to Sign Five Year Contract

Sir Alex Ferguson is clearly extending his policy of buying young players to his goalkeeping department – with the £18million arrival of David De Gea this summer.

Sir Alex Ferguson has decided that Atletico Madrid ace De Gea, 20, is the keeper he wants to succeed Edwin van der Sar, 40, who is retiring at the end of the season.

De Gea follows Danish keeper Anders Lindegaard, 27, into the club.

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nieuwland144131d ago

I think this is true, man u have shown massive interest in de gea.

zinedine4131d ago

He is Manchester's perfect summer buy.

Sahil4131d ago

Till now, maybe they have some more quality players in mind, like they were after DeRossi and Vucinic.

Sahil4131d ago

Good Signing, Now they can let go Van der sar.

man.. I wonder if Arsenal would buy a goalkeeper or not?

The_Nameless_One4131d ago

Screw goal keepers, Arsenal needs to get defensive players. Especially now with Platini's rule coming into effect.

Sahil4130d ago

Yeah that too, but main priority should be goalkeeper.

The_Nameless_One4130d ago

BAH...they can just smear super glue or horse cum on Szczęsny's gloves.LOL

But in all seriousness. Szczęsny can be good but he is also super young and lacks experience. I hope they make Lehmann the Goal keeper coach because he'll great at it.


I think I'll wait for confirmation from a more reliable source. The Daily Star and just don't cut it for me.

Sahil4130d ago

Yeah, they both can go any limit to increase their popularity level.. also, there was anther website which looked like a pretty reliable but turned out crap, don't remember!


I won't take take a transfer rumour seriously until I see atleast a quote from somebody important involved in the transfer (player, manager, agent, etc.)

RedDevils4130d ago

I believe when it on

guigsy4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

Totally unreliable source but I think it's all but confirmed that he will sign in the summer. I personally would've gone for a more experienced keeper like Neuer, but if he's as good as they think then he could potentially be in between the Utd sticks for the next two decades.

Mozilla894130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

I agree, Neuer is definitely more proven and one I would have gone for. But he's probably a lot more expensive too, this guy has got huge shoes to fill.

zeddy4130d ago

i dont know 18 mil is a lot for a young unproven keeper. i'd go for experience.

Sahil4130d ago


He's a fantastic keeper, all the big clubs after him.

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