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Barcelona are better than Jose Mourinho's no personality Real Madrid - Alfredo Di Stefano

Real Madrid honorary president Alfredo Di Stefano believes that Barcelona exposed the gulf in class between the two sides at the weekend.

The first of four clasico's ended in a 1-1 draw on Saturday evening as Madrid could only settle for a point with Barca at the Bernabeu.

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no_more_heroes4243d ago

This is the worst person that a statement like that could possibly come from. Di Stefano is Real's king.

The Hunter4243d ago

Yeah it was suprising me to! But okay he is a Fair person because it is a fact!

Sahil4243d ago

He speaks the truth, I think he speaks from the heart(what he feels like), last year he said something great about Iniesta, that he's the best spanish midfielder ever, I think.

heidenh4243d ago

This guy is speaking shit......Real Madrid were playing the way he wanted these few years and won nothing...not even got to Champions league quarter they have a great chance and he is on a mind game talk to hurt their motivation.......he should go to bed!.....Real is better without such traitors....

Sahil4243d ago

or h is jealous that he couldn't win anything big with madrid.

RedDevils4242d ago

who are you referring to that couldn't win anything big with Madrid?

Sahil4242d ago

Nobody, it just his wikipedia..LOL