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Time for Arsene Wenger to End Youth Project

Arsene Wenger's failure to spend on more experienced players means that for the seventh consecutive year Arsenal could end their season trophy less. There is no debate that there is a lot of potential at Arsenal, but in certain areas an experienced head is needed. Time and time again Bleacher report see Arsenal get to the business end of the season only to disintegrate in the process.

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kulka2743d ago

Young players need someone to look up to time for Wenger to take this into account and buy a real star player

crazyturkey2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Well, one thing is buying some stars and another is closing down the entire youth project. Wenger has done an excellent job without spending large sums of money. Also until the stadium is not fully paid I cannot realistically ask for large spending for new players. Even if Arsenal do spend lots of money, that really doesn't guarantee success and may result in just throwing money in the thrash. Just look at Torres and a few other experienced and expensive players.

Sahil2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Agree but I guess you can imagine the kind of money that would be spend this summer on players by the 5 clubs in premier clubs(except arsenal), if they keep buying young talent, then i don't think people should expect a trophy in 3-4 years, you are playing young players in your club against the experienced star players in other clubs, don't expect them to win every game.

and the example of torres is rubbish, it was a january transfer, i can bet on my house on him, that he would score goals after summer(next season), "THE OLD TORRES" as i would say.

Premier league is tougher than ever, every club has 6-7 star players, you have to GAMBLE if you want to challenge for SILVERWARE, arsenal need to buy star players if they are to even qualify for the champions league next season.