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England: Why Does It Consistenly Fail at Major Tournaments?

Once upon a time, Bleacher report was one of the converted. Bleacher report was one of those who believed that England had a team which was chock full of the worlds greatest footballers. A team that would be able to fulfil the dreams of supporters across the land and finally add to that solitary World Cup in 1966(did that really happen)

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ultramoot4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Over-hyped, zero discipline, zero teamwork.

But the biggest culprit is the English media. If a young English player puts in a few great performances for his club for a couple of months, he's quickly labeled as the next world-beater. And if a big tournament comes up, they'll question the manager's credibility if that young player is not given a starting berth in the squad, putting unnecessary pressure on both manager and player. If the team loses or draws against a relatively weaker side, every single person involved with the team will be ridiculed and blasted on the front pages the next day.

No wonder Gerrard said a couple of years ago that the players were always terrified of making even a single pass wrong.

kulka4248d ago

Agreed Media pressure is huge in England they always had the player's just not the attitude