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5 positives for Bolton fan who quit job to attend 5-0 loss to Stoke

Yahoo Sports writer: As we mentioned last Friday, 50-year-old Bolton fan Ian "Waggy" Wagstaff quit his job as a sheet metal worker in Australia and paid £1,000 on flights and tickets to attend Bolton's FA Cup semifinal match against Stoke at Wembley. That decision didn't work out so great for poor Waggy, though, and Stoke ended up stomping an uncharacteristically hapless Bolton side by a score of 5-0. Given that, it's probably safe to say that Waggy is having a pretty awful Monday. So here five positives ways Waggy can look at all this, assuming he hasn't already plunged into a sadness coma.

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Sahil4135d ago

I really don't see any positives here but good try, they're cheering him up :)