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A Collection of Fernando Torres’s Chelsea Misses

12 games and counting.

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kulka4240d ago

Misery sad to see such a great player underperforming so badly is he the next Owen

Corepred44239d ago

I really hope that when he does score, he turns into a scoring machine! i really do. i don't think he deserves all the crap he's been getting. yeah he hasn't scored but still.

Sahil4240d ago

LOL.. now they have gone on to make a collection of it :)

freeduck4240d ago

He came close a lot, so like Ancelotti says Torres is a bit unlucky. He is getting closer and closer to his first goal

kulka4239d ago

Lol I recently read that FIFA 2012 suppose to have a new diffculty level called 'Toress mode' it is impossible to score.

Sahil4239d ago

hahahahahahaha.. I still can't stop laughing!

TORRES MODE..LOL I'd love that, the game has become easy now :)