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Liverpool joy as Pepe Reina finally agrees to stay at Anfield

Liverpool are now said to be sure that goalkeeper Jose Manuel Reina will decide to remain at Anfield beyond the end of this season.

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ultramoot4082d ago

He never clearly stated whether he's staying or going in the referenced interview. And if I remember correctly, Torres was talking about how he wants to stay at LFC and how he was positive about his future with Liverpool, 2 weeks before he submitted his transfer request. So nothing is set in stone, least of all, about Pepe Reina's summer plans.

kulka4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Yup but I think he is staying where he belongs

RedDevils4082d ago

I found it funny where all those rumors about he leaving, he absolutely had no reason for him to leave a club where he enjoy playing and one of the fans favorites

4081d ago
kulka4081d ago

United get De gea Arsenal get Stekelenburg where else can Reina go he is staying at Anfield

jiantin4081d ago

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