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Highlights: Manchester United 1-0 Everton (English Premier League 23/04/2011)

1-0 J. Hernández 84'

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sokrates4082d ago

Its over! I am glad that its the players for the future that has taken resposibilty this season. Sir Alex Ferguson is just a briliant manager- and he has proven it again!

zico4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

No title yet! I think United still have problems to solve, and Chelsea is not too far away....


With 4 games to go, we need to drop at least 6 points and I just can't see the team losing focus now.
Our next game is Arsenal and with the way they are playing and the fact that we have a good record at the Emirates, I fully expect all 3 points which should seal it.

zico4082d ago

if you loose 3 points against Arsenal, it`s only 3points up.


We'll see what happens, it would be heartbreaking to let it slip from our hands.

zootang4081d ago

We will win the league. We are used to the pressure of winning titles. We could even win it at Old Trafford against Chelsea that would be nice.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

zico4081d ago

agree, the title is in your hands now....but thinks have happen before. I`m not sure before after next match...

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CanTheyScore4082d ago

What a leap from the header

Chica has now scored 6 goals from 8 headers in the PL this season!

ohahCantona4081d ago

he has had a great 1st season. Sir Alex knows who he want. Chica is the man for the future...