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Highlights: Valencia 3-6 Real Madrid (Spanish Primera Division, 23.4.11)

0-1 Benzema 23'
0-2 Higuain 31'
0-3 Kaka 39'
0-4 Higuain 42'
0-5 Higuain 53'
1-5 Soldado 60'
1-6 Kaka 62'
2-6 Jonas 81'
3-6 Alba 85'


these are the full highlights:

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zico3705d ago

please change highlights. the video is not there.....

sokrates3705d ago

Looks like a big party! I have problem watching the goals...

genocidegeneral2153705d ago

kakas last goal was a quality finish!

zico3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Brilliant. Important player for real, they need him vs Barca s matches.

Watch kakas goal here:

ohahCantona3705d ago

Great general test before twice meeting with Barcelona...Real laughs at Valencia who is 3rd in La Liga!!

zico3705d ago

yes it is to far down from Barca and Real to the 3rd and 4th place in La Liga! 25points from Barca to 3rd place!!! It`s not good for the league! Look at German, England, Italy and other big leagues.....