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Highlights: Bolton Wanderers 2-1 Arsenal (English Premier League - 24/04/11)

1-0 D. Sturridge 28'
1-1 R. Van Persie 48'
2-1 T. Cohen 90'

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no_more_heroes4083d ago

*Phew* glad that's over. Now I can do something useful :)

zico4083d ago

haha.Looks like a collapse that you have many times before.... I think you have too small squad, and it is too much risk when keyplayers are out of shape.

no_more_heroes4083d ago

At least now he can give some academy players some games. Everyone needs to be sold, except Wilshere, Ramsey and Szczesny (who'd make a decent no. 2).


I'm not gona gloat but do you honestly see Wenger going on a spending spree this summer? cos I can't.
In fact I bet you anything the same thing is gona happen to arsenal next season. Kroenke is not gona fire him. It's up to Wenger if he wishes to carry on.

zico4083d ago

Arsenal was unlucky today. BUT that do not explain the lost of 7 points the last 7 or 8 matches.
They must have a new goalkeeper, and I think they will loose Fabregas this summer, and then they need a new (or 2-3) leaders.

The problem is that Wenger don`t have money to buy for (if they don`t get a lot form Fabregas)

Mozilla894083d ago

I'm actually going to have to agree with Wenger in that this team doesn't need to be overhauled. Like just about everybody knows (except Wenger) all they need is a GK and someone who is not afraid to shoot!

Vermalen will be back next season so that'll help with the defense, they just need a captain who can lead. I don't think Fabregas has the respect of the rest of his teammates, especially after the Barca rumors.

Big_Dom4082d ago

Arsenal don't need someone who isn't afraid to shoot. The players not shooting on sight has nothing to do with individuals. It's the ethos of the manager and their playing style. I've been telling Arsenal supporters for years (who are the most oblivious bunch of supporters I've had conversation with) that Wenger needs to grow some balls and spend money on a quality holding midfielder and a quality center half. It's well known that Wenger tried to get Alonso from Liverpool. Mascherano could be available, so why not take a 25 million punt at Barca to try and get him? Scott Parker could also be tempted away from West Ham. Until Arsenal get a spine in their team, which requires spending, they'll win fuck all. Makes me laugh how many times they try to walk the ball into the net, and how their support mock teams by shouting 'HOOF" when they clear danger from their own box. Yeah, maybe they should fucking try hoofing it once in a while to stop conceding soft goals. Twats.

silvacrest4082d ago

hopefully chelsea have taken notice of his performance on loan and will give him more starting positions when he returns

karim4082d ago

Sturridge,you legend ! Am I the only one who got emotional after seeing Cohen's celebration ?