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Tottenham to Save £10m Liverpool Midfielder: Redknapp Wants Anfield Flop

Liverpool’s Joe Cole set to leave the club at end of season with Tottenham interested.

The former Chelsea man has failed to impress during his debut season at Anfield and West Ham and Spurs are said to be interested in capturing his signature this summer

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kulka4087d ago

10 milion for such a flop great deal get rid of him

Vherostar4086d ago

haha nobody in there right mind would pay 10 million for him not only is he a flop he is too injury prone. His career is near an end I seriously doubt Spurs will go near however if they don't make CL there teams probably gonna have serious holes as there big players (Bale, Modric, Van der Vaart) will still want CL next season and probably move on as lets be honest VDV only joined them as they had CL and the other 2 will now want to stay in it.

freeduck4086d ago

Ill get rid of him for 5 million

Theo11304086d ago

I thought Joe cole was there on a free, or did he sign a contract.

Vherostar4086d ago

He has a contract that's a certainty.

kulka4086d ago

He was a free transfer we got him from Chelsea and he earns 80,000 per week we need to get rid of him.

KazumaKiryu4086d ago (Edited 4086d ago )

Its 90,000 :S

All that money and he's hardly played.