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The 50 Most Intimidating Players in Soccer

The act of intimidation is to cause a person with otherwise "normal" sensitivities to crap their pants and be thrown off their stride. While this may have a greater effect in the NFL, Rugby League or ice hockey due to the physical nature of those sports, it is nonetheless a factor in soccer.

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Yi-Long4082d ago

... if you're a defender, would you rather have Messi coming at you with a ball, or Anelka?

I think Anelka is a great player, but I'm sure most defenders are 'trembling' whenever Messi has the ball, cause he goes past defenders so very quickly and scores so easily.

ad4mb4083d ago

Id guarantee you most defenders are intimidated by messi for completely different reasons to players like keane of course. but you would have to be stupid not to be lol...

kulka4082d ago

Ronaldo and Messi can make defenders look like kids that's why they are two best players at this moment