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Shakira and Gerard prove their passion at football

Shakira and her Barcelona soccer player boyfriend, Gerard Pique, put on a public show of love during a match between his team and Osasuna in Barcelona over the weekend. (Gerard sat out this game.)

Last year Shakira split from Antonio de la Rua, her agent and boyfriend of 11 years.

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The Hunter3828d ago

Damnn I wish I was Pique, playing for the best football club in teh world and kissing with a damnn hot girl ^^

zico3828d ago

what would YOU choose "Hunter": Together with Shakira or playing for Barca? Dilemma?

The Hunter3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

Hmm that's difficult, but I think I will choose Shakira.. I have no talent for playing prof football :( LOL!

zico3828d ago

Haha, nice looking guy who can`t handle a ball...;-) Aren`t you from the Ajax academy?;-)

Sahil3827d ago

I would prefer playing for Barca which wud automatically qualify me to be together with any shakira I want..hehe

Ninjamonkey823827d ago

all i gotta say is get yer hands of my woman mofo.

Theo11303827d ago

Before I thought she didn't look that good, but after the 2nd clasico I'm ready to say she's pretty hot.

Idree3827d ago

Just watch her videoclip She Wolf >.<

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